It is a Busy Week in Raymond - Part 2 - Raymond Stampede

I love the feel of a small town rodeo, such as the one you'll find in Raymond. You're able to get up close to the action and talk directly to participants. My grandpa took me to the Cardston rodeos when I was a kid, so there is always some nostalgia that sets in when I take in the sights and sounds at a small town rodeo. Last year at the Raymond Stampede, a crazy Australian rider hung on for the longest 8 seconds of his life, while little kids, who could barely get their legs around the ribs of a horse, zipped from barrel to barrel. I have a lot of respect for those that are brave enough to get on such large animals (broken or not) and compete in their respective rodeo events.

Here's a collection of images that I took at last year's Raymond Stampede. For a listing of more things to check out in Raymond visit